Change happens…slowly sometimes

Purple shawl
Purple shawl

We’ve decided to break up our handmade items and sell them separately. I’ve been working on the Etsy shop, and what I was reading made it seem like it would be better to have Mom’s crochet items and my jewellery in different shops. I already have another domain, Ocean Renewal, that I haven’t been doing too much with, so that will be my blog for my jewellery items, and what I will hopefully name my Etsy shop. I’ve been focusing on Mom’s Etsy site and such first, plus I think my jewellery needs a little work before selling on Etsy again.

For now, I do have some items up on Mom’s Etsy shop, so please see what is currently being offered.

Blue shawl
Blue Shawl

With winter here, we haven’t made much (any) progress on turning the garage into a craft studio. But with the better weather that’s hopefully just around the corner, we’ll get back out there and have it ready by the summer, fall at the latest.

And we’ll be having our first craft fair of the year–April 22, 2017, I believe. I’ll provide more details as the time comes closer.

Hopefully everyone is staying safe and warm this winter.

Take care.


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