Happy (Belated) New Year!

Jewel toned fashion scarf

So, I’m a little slow already this year. Oh well. There’s lots of time to pick up the pace this year still.

We’ve been working on our crafts, especially Mom. She has a condition that is limiting what she can do right now, but she can still crochet, and she’s been doing a lot of that!

I, of course, am a bit slower with my crafting. After working at my full-time job, it’s hard to get motivated to do anything in the evening.

I’ve put a few things up on the Etsy shop. Right now just some fashion scarves, but plan to get some ear warmer headbands up today.

Memory wire bracelet

We don’t have any craft fair plans at the moment. We’re going to be a little more discerning about the ones we do this year. We are hoping to get back to the Lobster Expo in Barrington Passage this year–we had a good time there last year and was one of our best shows (this time, though we won’t spend all our earnings at the other vendors’ tables!). And if we can do Tooie’s Christmas craft fair again, that would be great. And probably a few more if we can.


“Chocolate” Bracelet

We’re going to focus on our online sales for a bit. I’m hoping to get a shop up and running on the website soon. For now, though, everything will be on Etsy. We’re focusing on the Canadian market for now, due to the cost of postage, but I’m sure we’ll expand where we will ship to.


Well, I think that’s all that’s new for now. I’ll be back in about a week to show what we’ve been up to.

ear warmer headband

Thanks for stopping by. If there’s anything you see that you’re interested in, or have a custom order request, just contact us at admin (at) happylifecrafts (dot) com.

Kendra and Gini (aka Mom)


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