Working on New Craft Space

Ever since my mom moved in with all her yarn, and I’ve become obsessed with a couple of crafts of my own, all the supplies have been overtaking the house. So, we’ve decided to create a craft studio in the garage.

It’s a detached garage (which of course is currently full of “stuff”–big surprise). A previous owner put in a pellet stove for heat, as she was a painter/artist, and there really is not an appropriate space in the house for that sort of thing. So, it has been an art studio before. There are even some bags of pellets that they left behind.

The plan, over time, is to insulate and drywall the garage. We’ve even had an offer of help with the insulation installation and the vapour barrier.!

As alluded to before, it’s a mess in the garage right now, but we’re making progress. Hopefully by the end of the summer we’ll be moving our craft supplies in.

I can’t wait to have a nice, organized space for all our craft supplies.

In other news, there’s not much news. We had a good two-day event at the Lobster Expo and Market in Barrington the beginning of June. At this point, that was the last one until November. But, we’ll still be working hard growing our inventory, working on improving our Etsy shop and posting new items, and taking some of our items to a local consignment store.

So, we’re plugging along doing what we love. For now, I’ll sign off. I’ll be back in a week with updates on our garage make-over, and a bit about a new craft I’m going to try out.

Have a great week, and keep creating!


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